Most economical strong countries in the world

Economically Strong means a nation that is economically strong. The economic liberty is a sole right towards a free market economy, private assets, as well as the personal choice towards investing, jobs.

New Zealand
It is the 5th strongest economically strong nation all over the planet by means of an index score of 83.0. The economy of New Zealand has stayed afloat because of the low rates of the tariff as well as the market principles, which lure in all the foreign investors. This island nation scored 99.9 that is the top most value in business freedom. Moreover, this is exemplified within the quantity of time this will take to start the business within the country. This takes only a day whereas the world standard value is 38 days.

This country possesses an index score of 83.2, making it as the 4th strongest economical nation in the world. The foreign endow is going on to be thriving in this nation. Moreover, all the financial share markets are almost transparent. There lies one completely separate legal system, which is solely devoted to all the security of the property rights. This country has the highest freedom in the business that figure up around 94.

This country ranked as 3rd amongst all the strong economical countries of the world. Australia has the index ranking score of 83.6. The economic rules in Australia endorse the investment environment as well as those rules of laws puts the property rights high on the pedestal. This sub continent scored a bit lower value in the fiscal liberty that is 61.4, and is accredited on a high income tax value nearing about 45%, which is under the process of reducing.

It is the 2nd strongest economical country all over the planet. It scored 87.1 in the index ranking. Singapore’s openness towards the global marketplace had been the proliferation ground on behalf of the steady economic growth rates, figuring around 6% each annum. No tariffs is supposed to be existing in Singapore in addition to the government has been very well-organized regarding the fortification of the Singapore citizen’s personal assets. Singapore scored 98.3 in the business freedom that is the highest.

Hong Kong
This is the strongest economical country all over the world by means of the index value of 90.0. Taxation is merely a tiny proportion of the entire gross familial products and banking is crystal clear as well. The property rights are being held towards the highest level by the independent legal system.

The above mentioned data is the compilation of the strong economical countries in the world. A few components that indicates the economical status of the nation depends on the freedom from corruption, the Government size, the property rights, a business freedom, etc.

My old age plans

The saddest part of everyone’s life is the phase of becoming old. Each and every phase of life has its own pros and cons and so does the old age. So we should try to accept this stage in a graceful and practical manner. If we can plan little ahead of our future plans, we can bring out a great old age and live peacefully till our death. Death is unpredictable and hence can occur at any stage. As a married couple, it will be difficult for any of the partners to stay without the presence of the other, and hence we should plan in such a way that our spouse or our partner will not get affected financially even if a sudden death occurs.

At this stage will not let out my partner to suffer so I plan to invest in a good and sound life insurance policy which will serve my partner for her lifetime. A good policy is the one which will bring in more money and returns for the premium I have been paying for since my young age. I have started to invest in this policy since I was twenty, and so am confident that the returns will be highly rewarding for my partner to enjoy even in my absence, this is the greatest way to show my love and affection to my dearest one.

All this while I was talking about what I did for my partner, now I will say how I want to spend my old age. Since I started working I was at the back of money to earn and save for the future and hence in this process of running after money I missed out doing many enjoyable things during that stage. I would like to open a nursery wherein I can grow and nurture many saplings and plants. I want to see the earth go green forever, so this is my minutest contribution from my side. This will not be a burden on the others as I can take care of the nursery on my one.

I  will go on an annual vacation every summer to the hill station and roam all parts of the world as far as my health permits.

The major thing I learnt since childhood is to stay fit and healthy, I have been following this aspect, and hence to inculcate this quality among the next generation, I have planned to open a Yoga and meditation centre wherein I will be giving free classes for all sorts of people. Staying fit and healthy is a boon for any human being and I believe that this can be followed well with an hour of yoga and meditation. I don’t believe in living a king’s life, but want to impart some essential things to the next generation ahead, so a foundation to this I will also be giving few discourses and classes to the younger generation every week. If I am able to change life of few people to the better, I will be blessed that I lived best.

Why to believe in luck

Luck is an unforeseen force, which when believed will make your life and when not believed will crack your life. It is closely related to people we will naturally believe in Luck too, good luck is the path to bring in good opportunities and events, while it is the opposite with the bad one. According to the dictionary, it is a thing which may happen in our life and which has the power to affect our happiness and interests. Many define that in many ways and some even say that it is closely related to chance. Luck is actually a way or the power that will bring good things to the people who are true and who actually believe in this concept.

Even the greatest Shakespeare believed in the natural luck. It flows into a life naturally:

The first and foremost force is that you need to harness your intuitions. Value your guts, feelings and intuitions. This intuition is nothing but the feeling which you get within yourself when you start to think of something. Believe strongly in it and the same will favor you in your entire life. Fear is the next major factor that may hold you back. There is no harm in fearing to some extent but that fear should not be a hindrance for your success.

Believe in god and overcome that dear factor within you. It takes you far away from your inner fear and leads you to victory.

Think beyond your expectations:
Expect for the best think and you will get it easily. Curiosity is another factor that will lead you to the success path. Be more curious and see that it will give you more opportunities. Fortune brings in success in the form of opportunities. Open minded people get more opportunities. Few people may achieve victory overnight while the rest of the people have to put in skill, talent and good number of experience. Fortune again works here to open the door of success.

Trust: think that you are a lucky person. To speak virtually everyone in this world is blesses with good fortune in some form or the other. This is the greatest so treat this as the stepping stone for your greater growth and prosperity. Luck is closely related to motivation, it is the inspiring force that can fuel your motivation level. Stay in connection with people who believe in it so that you can uplift yourself and that is the greatest motivation in this realm.

Success doesn’t happen in a day, it favors those who work out hard. So honest work will bring in victory at all costs.